Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Hormone Update

Last night was at-home shot #2 (or shot #4, for those keeping score).  Not as painless as the other three, unfortunately.  A kind of burning sensation melted into an intermittent low throbby pain; nothing too bad.  The part that disturbs me a little bit is that after the first shot, I felt considerably better, but I seem to have backslid a little and seem nearly as fatigued as before.  I guess we'll see what's up when I see the endocrinologist again.  I'm trying to keep in mind that it's supposed to take more than a year to actually get where I'm going to feel "right".



PS - Answer my Siege Survey from last week's newsletter, dammit!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Endocrinologist Part 3 Shot 2

At 3:50PM, I signed in for my 4PM appointment. At 4:03, I paid my $20 co-pay. The old guy, with a very productive cough, used to watch Lone Ranger and the movie after until they took them off the TeeVee. He hasn't watched TeeVee since. (It's full of those people trying to make us believe that solar energy is cheaper...who's gonna pay for all those batteries they have to store the energy in and where are they gonna store them?)
Shannon dozed a little since she went to work 12 hours earlier in order to be there for the sticking. At 4:40, I'm weighed in and we're taken to room 5. Since I'm diabetic now, they had to take my blood sugar level and the hot assistant tried 7 ancient latex gloves before freaking out and running down the hall to bitch to the office manager or something. My blood sugar level was 158 after having eaten about 2 1/2 hours earlier. (Not bad.)
By 5:10, we had searched most of the drawers and cabinets in room 5 and had discovered that (in room 5 alone) there are at least 3000 ancient latex gloves! Shannon caught her first glimpse of the doctor. At 5:20PM we were moved to room 3 and the doctor peeked in and gave a goofy wave. Shannon decided that this was a "Close Encounter of the Second Kind"; physical evidence. There were no hidden boxes of ancient latex gloves in room 3. The angry yet friendly bigger assistant came in and asked how I've been doing since the first shot (and I have been considerably better, but have a loooong way to go). My triglycerides are way too high, I've been told.
We waited again. Finally, at 5:40PM, "Close Encounter of the Third Kind"; physical contact. I got a prescription for testing strips for the glucometer and talked briefly to the doctor about Shannon learning how to give me my biweekly shot. He and the assistant left to get the assistant who can administer the shots. Not the hot assistant (she left, as did most of the staff). We waited more. A little after 6PM, Shannon finally gave me a shot for the first time, she did not freak out, but was traumatized.

The doctor returned, drew a diagram of an ass, and told Shannon 3 times where not to stick me. Then he showed her on MY ass twice. Then, the "Close Encounter of the Fourth Kind" happened; (the most disturbing), he asked Shannon if she was pregnant. Shannon is NOT pregnant. Oddly, the doctor is still alive.

Now you know more than you should, but have a keen understanding of how we spent a good portion of Tuesday afternoon. :)


Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Endocrinologist Part 2

After the taking of blood last week, my results confirm what the regular doctor told me -what?- two months ago? My pituitary is under performing, causing a cascade failure of my endocrine system. Or to put it the way the Endocrinologist's assistant said, "The chemicals in your brain are screwy. They're not working right." We've all known that forever, right? By that description, I think I might be able to get out of felony convictions...hmm.... Anyway, flash back to that last visit with the regular doctor when he said, "A couple of the hormones will come in pill form and the third is either in gel form that gets rubbed into your skin, like on your forearm, or by shot. But the gel should be fine." Guess what? I get the shot. In my hip. The "liquid" has the consistency of syrup. Every two weeks for now. More info in two weeks, when Shannon gets to learn how to give me shots! Yea!


Wednesday, October 21, 2009


So, finally, I went to the endocrinologist's office and my 1PM appointment actually hapened at about 2:30PM. What did I learn? I found out that if you have significant head trauma, a 20 year clock starts in your pituitary gland, then it start shutting down. I also learned that I have to give up about 8 or 9 more vials of blood and wait until November 3rd before I find out anything new. Sorry for the tease, but it's all I've got. More health news in two weeks!


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

uh, stuff

Saturday, Shannon and I were greeted by a locked door at the endcrinologist's office. The new date is October 19th (or original rescheduled date?).

Tonight we're going to see the Lewis Black preview. Maybe we'll see you there!



Tuesday, October 6, 2009

You don't know what you're talking about

On September 16th, some ass from the city of Belleville decided that Michigan Avenue needed to pretty up its houses. We (and many people on our street) got notes threatening fines and legal action if we didn't clean up weeds and paint our porch. We had ten days to comply. We did bunches of yard work and did some scraping on the porch but weren't completely done. During this time, Shannon met a little super-friendly kitten. Talking to our next-door neighbor, she found out that the kitten was the neighbor's granddaughter's (?). The kitten came out most days to "help" with our clean-up and would just climb into Shannon's lap. On Saturday, October 3rd we got a new deadline of October 10th and the little guy, who Shannon now decided would be called Marzipan met our oldest cat, Tia, who for the first time in about 5 years had recently started venturing out of our bedroom. Tia came OUTSIDE and sniffed Marzipan and seemed to approve of the little hissy girl. Tia approves of none of our cats, by the way. Monday, I was feeling pretty crappy and Shannon did a bunch of work and got kitty kisses on the face. Tonight, I did more scraping and Shannon did more brush-work. We went to Lowe's to pick up some nice bushes and stuff for the yard and when we got home, there, in the middle of B Street was Marzipan's lifeless body. We ate our Little Caesar's and cried a little.

If Belleville hadn't made us do yard work, we would have never met this sweet little kitty. I don't envy the mom's job telling the little girl.

Just so you know, cats show plenty of love and affection. If you don't think so, you don't know what you're talking about.

No XOXO this week. I'm too sad-

Saturday, October 3, 2009

No more eye-poking for a year (hopefully)

So, I missed my initial return to the ophthalmologist that was originally scheduled for Friday, September 25th. I called them to confirm the time on the morning of the 26th and was told that "it was 8:45 YESTERDAY". Oops. Coulda sworn it was supposed to be the 28th. Rescheduled for October 2nd at 10:30 and had my pupils dilated and more scleral indentation done (eeeeh, I hate it). No retinal tears, just gobs of floaters still. I've gotten used to them somewhat because the headaches are fewer and farther-between. (And could actually be caused by the pituitary problems anyway.) Unless it gets worse or refuses to get better, I don't go back 'til next year. But no invasive eye surgery is in my immediate future. Thank God.

Next Saturday afternoon, I go talk to the endocrinologist and hopefully start my road to normal hormone levels. We'll find out and I'll let you guys know here.


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

It's all fun and games until... PART 4.5

Well, I can't tell that the eye is really any better. I go back to the ophthalmologist next week, but I don't think (with the possible bad results) that I'm going to opt for surgery.

My appointment with the endocrinologist got moved up to October 10th, so at least there's that, I guess. After the ensuing joint swelling and pain, the hormone therapy is supposed to do wonders (after a period of months), so I'm hopeful about that.

My blood sugar seems to be hovering in the 130-140ish range. I get my A1C checked again toward the middle of October and go back to the doctor to check on that.

Looks like little bits o' news about my continuing saga will still be popping up throughout October, so there ya' go.


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

It's all fun and games until... PART 4

I do not have growths within my pituitary gland. I will not need surgery. THANK GOD. I haven't met with the endocrinologist, yet. My appointment is set for NOVEMBER 18th. Yeesh. I guess two more months of feeling like this won't kill me, right?

Floaters go from fuzzy to nearly in focus by the minute. Oddly, my headaches have decreased. I must be getting to use to them. Maybe they need names.... Driving is a must, but probably not the best idea.

The doctor believes that with my continued watching of the diet, my diabetes will be under control without medication. Keep your fingers crossed on this one, 'cause the hormone pills are apparently pricey.

Now, this Friday night, Drew's off for another one of his drug studies and Tim's stuck with the closing shift. He is very disappointed that he can't go to Italian Fest in Collinsville that night, so, if you're so inclined, bring him some food from the festivities. ;)


Wednesday, September 9, 2009

It's all fun and games until... PART 3

The saga of my eye continues and gets a friend.

About a week before the eye incident, I when in for a routine checkup. After some blood tests came back indicating some low hormone levels, I had the blood tests done last week that showed that my pituitary gland was under-preforming. Basically a cascade failure of my entire endocrine system. Yea! So, this morning, I spent 45 minutes having my brain scanned by MRI. The beat, by the way, of the MRI machine seems to fit perfectly with the beat of "Funk Soul Brother", except for the fact that it goes on for the better part of an hour. (So, it must be the super-extended dance mix.) Anyway, I get the results for this new test on Friday and then get to visit an endocrinologist to find out if I get to take medications for the problems for the rest of my life, or get to take the medications AND have surgery. Don't'cha just love life?


Wednesday, September 2, 2009

It's all fun and games until... PART 2

So, the floater(s) is/are still around but sometimes move out of the way. Fewer headaches this week. If stuff doesn't clear up by the end of the month, we get to talk about possible surgery. On the good side, my blood sugar is 138 today, so it looks like cutting out soda and slightly modifying my diet will keep me from having to take any diabetes medicine. I get to go in for ANOTHER blood draw this week for an A1C and some other tests. I'll keep you apprised.



Wednesday, August 26, 2009

It's all fun and games until...

Warning!!! This story is not for the faint of heart (if you have eye squeamishness). You have been warned!

So, Sunday, August 16th, I wake up with a pretty nasty headache. Sundays, usually being a "stay in" day, I put on my glasses* and stumble into the living room to check email. I notice immediately that my glasses must be filthy, so I go back to the bathroom and scrub 'em down. Hmm. That didn't help. I decide to put in my contacts and find that the fuzzy spot in my left eye is still there. Now that I've been up for a little bit, I notice that the fuzzy spot is really what looks like a weird "belly button ring" [Shannon's definition of my description] shaped floater that, for the most part, keeps settling right in my field of vision. Monday, the headache is worse and the floater is still there. Tuesday, same thing and Shannon decides to check my blood sugar just in case. It was 186.

For people without diabetes, according to experts, blood sugar levels should be:
  • Between 70 and 120 mg/ dL
For people with type 2 diabetes:
  • Fasting (not eating for a period of time): up to 130 mg/dL
  • After meals: less than 180 mg/dL
So I call Tim to let him know where I've been for the last few days and why. Wednesday [Shannon's first day of vacation] she shuttles me to the doctor and I find out that I've lost 9 pounds since the 6th when I went in for a yearly check up. Cool, lost 9 pounds, right? Nope; they test some pee and now I'm checking blood sugar every day for two weeks. Of course, I went to the doctor because of the headache and eye situation. He sends me immediately to the ophthalmologist for a possible retinal detachment. After thoroughly molesting my eyes (BOTH OF THEM) with a scleral indentation tool (something similar to this),
I find out that on Friday, I get to have it all done again by the retina specialist. We stop by the store to let everybody know what's going on (and pick up new comics, of course). Thursday, I stop in at the store to do the paperwork for our mail order stuff and that was a little more than I was up to. Friday more eye poking and I go home to sleep off the headache and pupil dilation. While napping, our cat, Tia, lost her footing while stepping over my head and clawed my RIGHT eye! After a scream and frantic and careful checking, she didn't actually scratch the eye itself, just gave me a nice little gouge at the corner that's still welted up a bit.

Anyway, this is not helping the headaches, so I'll continue the story later, but that's most of least the good stuff.


Friday, July 17, 2009

At Long Last

Hallelujah! It is FINALLY October 2009!!!

Planetary #27. If this new does not thrill you to the core, you NEED to read Planetary! Ask for the graphic novels on your next visit.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Is This Thing On?

So, every week (for the most part), I send out our newsletter. Every week (or multiple times a week), I revise bits-n-pieces of the website. I've got a prize contest going on the forum. I appreciate each and every one of the handful of you guys who actually participate. My big question is: What about the rest of you? Yes, I'm talking to you! You guys who look at the forum as "guest" or read the occasional newsletter and don't even use the coupons! What can I do to make your Twilight Comics Experience better? Besides "leave me alone" and "give me free stuff", what events or sales or coupons or displays or products or games would make you gasp with excitement and pee yourself a little when you walked in? Respond here or quietly email me! No request is too outrageous, it might not happen, but you gotta ask!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

What could be so exciting that warrants national news?

Captain America #600 Changes Everything! It’s the historic Captain America issue you’ve been waiting for as Eisner-winning writer Ed Brubaker teams up with a group of red hot artists like Butch Guice, Steve Epting, and many more to bring you the extra-sized Captain America #600! It’s the anniversary of the day Captain America died, as the Marvel Universe reflects-and the next jaw dropping chapter in the Captain America mythos begins! Plus, writers Mark Waid and Roger Stern join Brubaker to bring you over 60 pages of all new stories, plus select reprints featuring the work of Stan Lee and a Captain America cover gallery! And just who is the girl without a world? What’s her connection to Captain America? With covers by superstars Alex Ross and Steve Epting, no Captain America fan can miss this issue! Brubaker’s run on Captain America has fans and critics alike wanting more! “To call Ed Brubaker's Captain America one of the most consistently excellent runs to come along in years would be a bit of an understatement.” - Dan Phillips, “I'm here to tell you this simple truth: Captain America under Ed Brubaker is about quality storytelling, period.” - Paul Brian McCoy, “...there’s nothing more than pleases me in this gig than having the chance to rave about a great comic, particularly one that’s been so good for nearly four years straight.” - Chad Nevett, Wondering what’s in store for Bucky Barnes and crew? Find out in Captain America #600!
This issue is being released on MONDAY, JUNE 15TH to coincide with a national news announcement about the future of Captain America and the TOP SECRET 'Reborn' mini-series. Reserve your copies now!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Venom Rules!

Here's the deal. You've got until May 31st to join our forum and write a post about WHY Venom is the coolest and/or best character ever created. The most compelling will be voted on by the members of the Twilight Comics Forum. The winner of the Poll will get this $150 Venom Statue free! The forum is here.

Do it! You know you want it!


Thursday, May 14, 2009

What Do You Magic People Want?

Free tournaments - Friday nights.
Booster Drafts - Every other Wednesday night.
Legacy Tournaments - The other Wednesday nights.
Free open play - Sundays.

Where are you and what do you want if the above events won't get you here?


Don't Be A Jerk

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Friday, May 1, 2009

Simply: Wolverine Review

I think that X-Men Origins - Wolverine is my favorite X-Men movie. Shannon tells me that the internets are full of hate & bile over the train-wreck that is Wolverine. I'm not even gonna look. I enjoyed it. I thought the story was decent, I thought there was plenty of action, and, for the first time in recent memory, I didn't mind the fact that "they" could chose any good story from 30+ years of source material but instead make up their own (usually pale shadow of a) story. There were enough bits and pieces of "real" Wolverine back story to make it a nice "comic book movie". Granted, we are dealing with a character who, by his very nature, could have ANY back story anyone would want to give him. Anyway, anybody who didn't enjoy this movie just wants to hate, in my opinion.


Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Perfect Storm Week

It's early Tuesday morning; two Magic tournaments down one to go (Wednesday night). Today is my "day off". That means: Finish the orderform with Tim, send the final FCBD (Free Comic Book Day) press release, contact the Fairview Heights library about FCBD, get flyers ready for upcoming stuff, finalize the Scavenger Hunt list, get this week's newsletter ready for tomorrow morning, various "errands", and then cook up some tasty burgers for dinner. Wednesday, I'll be at the store pretty much all day, and, at midnight, we'll start the Release Tournament for Alara Reborn (Magic). Thursday is mail order day and Thursday night is WOLVERINE! Friday is finalize-the-store-for-Free-Comic-Book-Day day. Then Saturday is the biggest celebration day in the Comics community (yea!). Sunday I get to wind down with Alara Rebron Booster Draft tournaments all day. Stop in often to see my increasing loopiness!


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I'm Giving Away WAY Too Much!

We're coming up on a very busy time for Twilight Comics. The summer movie season kicks off with X-Men Origins: Wolverine -- which just happens to start up on Free Comic Book Day weekend, by design since the first FCBD and Spider-Man the Movie.

I had the unique opportunity to rent out a theatre for the premiere of Wolverine because Wehrenberg decided NOT to have an early show! Crazy, right? So, as it stands, right now (at 16 tickets sold), IF you buy your ticket, a mere $15, you get a $4 Wolverine: Weapon X #1, and a Hardcover worth at least 20 bucks, plus the only way to watch the early showing of Wolverine. It's like getting paid to see it after you figure all of the goodies in. PLUS, we're gonna have trivia, attendance prizes, and a costume contest.

This all happens Thursday night/ Friday morning (4/30 and 5/01).

Then, I really go nuts on Saturday and give away (after all is said and done) over $5000 worth of stuff. More on that in my next post.


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Where, oh where, has my website gone?

Important note about webhosting: Even though you've updated your credit card information for your domain, make sure the hosting (especially by the same company) ALSO has your updated credit card info. Otherwise, you may be without your web-presence for the better part of twelve hours.


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

What he said.

As is often the case someone else has said just what I think, probably better than I could have said it. Brother-in-retail, Brian Hibbs, explains why he's done with HEROES and I'm right there with him. (Not safe for kiddie language follows).



Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Click here to see the full list of what's coming in March 4th.

Some restocks of note:


That's all for now-

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Green Lantern's Light!

You have the ability to overcome great fear. You have been chosen. Welcome to the Green Lantern Corps. Your ring will guide you to Oa where you will be instructed in the proper use of your newfound abilities as Green Lantern of sector 2814.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

What's cool about Boba Fett?

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Answer: He was FREE!