Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Blood Is Thicker Than Mercury

I sat in the waiting room for a short hour-and-forty-five minutes for my 11AM appointment on May 5th.  I finally saw the doctor at about 1:20PM (not bad compared to other visits).  I got two new prescriptions to bring down my blood sugar and my hormone shots got put on hold.  NOW, I find out that my blood's too thick. Wha--?  Yeah, my blood's too thick, which could be a side effect of the hormone shots OR it could have actually been the problem to begin with.  Yep, thick blood, or hypercoagulability, can cause the inability for the blood to transfer hormones (and other things) to tissues of the body AND it's considerably worse than high cholesterol for heart attack and stroke.  Yea!  So, I'm also taking 375mg of aspirin every day and I have to donate blood, or ELSE.  Then I get to give another vial of blood for another CBC test and another trip to the doctor on Tuesday the 18th.  You guessed it, more updates to come.  Now, go buy comics!


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