Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sack o' Blood

Well, I put it off for an extra week. But, I went last Friday to the Big Blood Van in TGIFriday's parking lot.  So, I don't know what the number corresponds to exactly, but they told me that as long as the count was 12 or higher, I was good to give blood.  On 325mg of aspirin a day (for a little over a week), my "count" was 16.7.  I figured that since my blood is too thick that it would take longer to fill up the big bag.  Average is apparently 10-15 minutes; I took 5.  So, less than 30 minutes after I got there, I filled up a bulging sack o' blood, had some grape juice and pretzels, and was on my way.  Yesterday, I had a blood draw (best blood draw ever, BTW, didn't feel it at all, yea!) for CBC w/ differential to check my blood count and today at 11:45AM (or 2ish PM), I get to find out how I'm doing.  I'll let ya' know...


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