Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Title Goes Here

Christmas was nice this year.  I didn't fall asleep everywhere we went.  Being that I can never come up with a Christmas Gift List, the usual gift cards were received and will be appreciated appropriately in the coming year.

My big Four-Oh is coming up and I've never really been one to be weird about milestone birthdays, but I'm hoping that the party at the store (starting at Noon on January 9th) goes well and everyone has a good time.

I've volunteered Alyssa to tackle the task of party games and trivia, and Drew will be in charge of making sure we have food.  There will be the obligatory sale, since it's a store event, but please just stop by and say "hi" and grab a piece of cake!


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A Charlie Brown Christmas

Two weeks ago, I announced a Christmas Party for the store.  Posted it on our Facebook page, had a page on the website (1000ish hits per week), and announced it in the newsletter (500 subscribers).  All I asked was for people to RSVP (in person, via email, or on Facebook) so I could order enough FREE food for everyone.  We were going to have prizes, games, FREE food & drinks, and (because most people expect it) a sale.  The deadline for RSVPing was 12/11/10, 'cause I wanted to get something more than $5-hot-and-ready pizzas.  Guess who RSVP'd?  Me and Alyssa.  AND NO ONE ELSE.

So, no party or sale on the 18th.  We'll still be doing our annual Christmas Eve Sale (12/24/10, 'natch) and End of Year Clearance (12/26/10-12/31/10).

But take this as fair warning:  I'm going to have MY 40th Birthday Party at the store around the 11th of January (probably on Sunday the 9th).  There's going to be free food and cake.  I'm going to give away stuff.  There'll be a sale.  I might want to play some games.  I'll be posting the details this weekend on Facebook and the website.  I will also make handouts, for handing-out, in the store.  If we don't pack the store for FREE STUFF IN THE MIDDLE OF JANUARY (as opposed to a week from Christmas when you might have already had plans), I may hit people about the head and neck with a thick stick.


P.S. I got out of the hospital after only two nights, but spent most of the last week and a half whining and coughing at home.  I will be whining and coughing at the store more this week.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Breathing part 2

Well, whatever the cause, I have been diagnosed with pneumonia.  Shannon said that when the doctor heard my cough, he made a face.  So, now I'm in Memorial Hospital for who knows how long.  I'm sooooo happy.



Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Breathing is fun

So, as you know, in order to breathe properly while I sleep, I have to use a machine called a C-PAP machine (that stands for Constant Positive Air Pressure) which forces air down my throat to keep the airway open.  "Happy" side effect:  Respiratory infections.  Cue the painful coughing and tickle-y throat.  That's all for now...

XOXO *cough* -

P.S. The hormone test finally came back and apparently I'm doing well.  So, that's good!