Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Looking for Answers

I need to know something.  Something that affects all of us.  Who, exactly, thinks that putting the toilet paper roll with the paper facing the wall is ergonomically superior?  Why?  I'm serious.  If you don't care or never thought about it, you are useless to me in this instance; don't even take part in this conversation.  Everyone else, speak up.  Explain it to me.

Waiting for your reply-


Thursday, February 11, 2010


Two days ago was "shot day".  After removing the syringe, blood ran from the hole, not a trickle.  Shannon was NOT happy, since this was a new occurrence.   After a bit o' research, it appeared as though she must have pierced completely through a vein.  Ew.  I, know.  Not a huge deal, I iced my hip for about an hour and it really just feels like somebody punched me, so just a bit bruised.  I slept most of Wednesday and really have to find out where my hormone levels are, 'cause I really don't feel much better than before all this started.

Well, there's the update for those who wonder.

Babble atcha soon-