Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Stuff and The Big Magic Challenge

Starting tomorrow (tonight for the pull customer preview), we've pulled out our Back Stock comics (they'll be in alphabetical order!) and they will fill the Event Room through Monday for your clearance-priced pleasure.  Getting prepared for the big sale, the guys have filled in a bunch of stuff we desperately needed in the Back Issue Bins (so check those out, too).

New comics will be shipping on July 8th, next week.  For the first time in twenty years, we get a new adjective-less X-Men #1.  There will be cupcakes, and silliness, and vampires! 

Next weekend, we'll be hosting a Sealed Pre-Release Event for Magic: the Gathering's new core set, M2011.  In the past, we only did these on Sunday afternoons, but this time around we decided to do one as early as possible THEN the normal deal on Sunday afternoon; just in case people were missing out.

First off on Friday night at 7PM will be our Friday Night Magic standard tournament (free for anyone with a Magic Bonus Card with four or more valid marks; booster pack purchase required for everyone else).  Then we'll have a Little Caesar's Pizza break (free for Pre-Release players), and finally, at midnight, we'll start the Sealed Pre-Release.  For the first time ever, the majority of the Twilight Crew will be playing!  Take the day off, sleep in, then come on up to Twilight Comics and see how many of us you can beat!  It'll be a hoot.

See ya' there-


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I've finally gotten my hormone prescription.  Sleep patterns are really screwy  lately; even for me.  Gonna to spend most of  today at the store, so see ya there!


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I Have Successfully Pleased My Viral Masters

The stupid summer cold that kicked my ass last week has loving moved to Shannon.  I think I'm finally over it now, but she doesn't have the luxury of sleeping for three days.  So, she's in a happy place with that.

Something stupid is going on with the pharmacy and our insurance company, so I still haven't gotten my hormone prescription filled.  I'm pretty sure the doctor wanted me to be taken it pretty much right away, but Insurance knows better, right?

'Til more stuff happens-