Tuesday, February 8, 2011

My Car, Shannon's Cough, & 800 less square feet

The worst case scenario of $2700 turned out to be $3224.76, but I have my car back.

After about two weeks of us thinking that Shannon was trying really hard to continue my pneumonia ordeal herself, she found out yesterday that she ONLY had "a lung infection".  She's still coughing her head off.

Got a call from the landlord today.  He wanted to offer me the super-super deal of moving to the "prominent middle of the plaza" over by the pool table store.  I only have to move 2400 sq. ft. of stuff into 1600 sq. ft. of space, repaint, let EVERYONE know we've moved, figure out how to fit 30+ Magic players into less space, and still only get a break on the rent because the space is smaller.  Doesn't seem too likely...

There's my much-needed update, friendly readers.  Until next time.