Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Driving Rings Around Saturn

My car was acting weird the other night.  Never had a problem with it.  I bought the Saturn Vue in 2004 because it was the most comfortable vehicle I had ever driven and it had enough room in the back to lug comics around.

You know how when you feel sick, you start checking symptoms on WebMD or some similar site and your conclusions always lead you to believe that your "flu-like symptoms" will result in your imminent death from some horrible disease with 7 days?  Well, Shannon checked online, and the Vues from 2002-2005 pretty much all have really crappy transmissions and they cost $6000 to replace.  There was, of course, a class-action lawsuit that OLD GM settled, but NEW GM didn't want to honor.  They ended up extending the warranty (with ran out in 2009).

I took the car to Dobb's, and guess what?  It's the transmission.  Independent mechanics are not touching the Vues with the bad transmissions, so Shannon and I had a mini-parade (I could only do about 20-25 mph) over the the GM dealer.  New GM will pay half, so worst-case-scenario is about $3000 and about a week without the car.

Grrr.  Not automotive Ebola, but certainly a mild case of Lyme disease...

So, spend, dear customers, spend!


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I'm 40!

Thanks for all the Happy-Birthdays and I'm glad everybody had a good time this Sunday.  Alyssa did a great job planning the festivities and getting prizes from various places.  Drew also did well taking care of the food and cake.  I really appreciated it, guys!

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