Monday, May 31, 2010

Who the hell knows anymore?

Tuesday, May 25, I went to the endocrinologist.  Finally saw the doctor at 1:45PM for my 11:30AM appointment.  Fairly usual at this point.  So, in less than a year, I've gone from 1 prescription to 8.  Luckily, the hormone shot is now just a hormone gel that will cause babies and women to mutate if they come in contact with it.  Oh, and a semi-permanent "prescription" of blood donation every three months.  As I discussed with Roger Henke on Wednesday night, if that's all I have to deal with to stay alive, I'm a whole hell of a lot luckier that many people.  Then, Thursday night, I felt a little "tickle" in my throat.  Friday: full blown cold.  Friday & Saturday: sucked completely.  Sunday: sucked not as much.  Today: gotta finish the order form with Tim; no choice or you guys might notice the missing stuff in July...and that would REALLY suck!

So, for those of you still awake, there's my current health status.  More updates as they happen.


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